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Tauernhöhenwege: interactive tour planner

Tour planning is an important requirement for hiking and mountaineering, especially for multi-day tours. With the interactive tour planner you can create any individual tour in the trail network of the Hohen Tauern and get a detailed tour description with
  • trail descriptions, if necessary with safety instructions,
  • trail category (degree of difficulty), estimate of walking time (according to DIN 33466)1), ascent and descent altitude meters,
  • photo albums and video clips,
  • traffic information at the start and end points of your tour,
  • References to detailed information about the huts along the selected tour.
  • Background information on the history, environment and geography,
  • thematic maps (topographic map, satellite images, geological map, vegetation map, slope gradient, permafrost distribution and mobile network accessibility).
A GPS track with virtual waypoints2) for offline use is provided for download.
1) You can set the parameters of the walking time estimation individually under the menu item: Parameters for walking time calculation.
2) virtual way markers are short texts that provide information about path branches or prominent waypoints. These will be displayed on your GPS device.
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  1. Click on one of the icons in the map. An info box will then appear at the bottom of the map.
    Now select this point as the start, destination or via point for your tour.
  2. Once you have set at least one start and one destination point for your tour, click on. Display tour. In a new tab of your browser you can now view the detailled tour description. The via points are optional.
  3. If you click on the Exclude black paths checkbox, difficult mountain trails, alpine routes and glacier passages will be excluded when determining the route for your tour (see menu item: Trail categories).
  4. Via points can be deleted or moved in the right operating menu
We would like to inform you about the current condition (e.g. closures) of the trails and the system is able to calculate alternative routes in case of closures. Since there is no central register about the condition of the trails (not even at the alpine clubs), we depend on your help. To make this as easy as possible, there is the possibility to click on a trail section and then send a message to us.
Thank you very much for your cooperation! You are helping not only us, but also everyone who uses our website.

Calculation of walking times according to DIN 33466

Ascent [m]:   Descent [m]:   Path length [km]:


  Horizontal speed [km/h]:
  Ascent speed [m/h]:
  Descent speed [m/h]:



Parameters for the walking time calculation:

DAV/OeAV default values:
  your horizontal speed [km/h]: 4.0
  your ascent speed [m/h]: 300.0
  your descent speed [m/h]: 500.0

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The Tauernhöhenweg is a high-alpine long-distance hiking trail that runs from the Murtörl in the east to the Hochtor on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in the west along the main ridge of Hohe Tauern.
Tour description: Tauernhöhenweg Close
The long-distance hiking trail E10 runs in the Hohe Tauern National Park from Sportgastein/Naßfeld via Mallnitz to the Reißeckhütte and on to Spittal/Drau
The Arnoweg runs in the Hoch Tauern region from Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße via Heiligenblut, the Hohen Sonnblick, Bad Gastein, Hüttschlag, the Tappenkarsee and the Riedingtal to Muhr im Lungau
Tour description: Arnoweg in the Hohen and Niederen Tauern Close